05 May 2011

Entertaining Your Kids: Travel Box

Summer vacation season is fast approaching - hooray! Although it's fun to get away, I sometimes struggle with what toys to take with us to entertain the Little Man (when we're not enjoying the sand & water).  I want to take toys that he doesn't get to play with all the time in hopes he won't get bored. I don't want to take big toys for obvious space & packing reasons. So, I tried out a "Travel Box" while we vacationed over Spring Break. 


Any books & toys going with us had to fit in this box (obviously, since the lid is broken I found this around the house, but at least I'm not worried about it breaking in the car with all the luggage). This box gets stored away in the back with all the luggage and can't be opened until we get to our vacation destination. We have the DVD Player and the Toddler Car Bag to entertain us on the road. And snacks...lots of snacks!

So, what's in the box?

I had to pack his favorite book - the "Jesus Book" that we read at nap/bedtime.

I removed the take-along-car mat from the car bag and put it along with Mack in the box. Lots of fun with the Radiator Springs crew!

I found this little felt barn and a pack of animals at the Target Dollar Spot (love that place!) a while ago. I threw in "Baby Tractor" because he was small and fit with the theme.

Take-n-Play Thomas & Dash with the Tidmouth Tunnel.

Squishy Crocodile - Little man's current favorite animal. He loves to eat toes!

Of course, we vacationed with grandparents, so a few things were added to the box during the week...

Like this green motorcycle


Play-Doh & a dino sandwich cutter (found in the grocery store) that worked great in lieu of cookie cutters

And a tube of aquarium animals after our trip on a rainy day.

Even with the additions, it all fit for the ride home.

I'd definitely recommend only bringing out one or two sets of toys per day to keep things fresh and entertaining throughout the week (lesson learned...).

I returned the "Jesus Book" to Little Man's room and "Mack" was needed to haul a few Matchbox cars around, but everything else stayed in the box and is waiting for our next out of town trip.

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