16 May 2011

Meal Plan Monday: Clear the Freezer

This past week and weekend was FULL of purging & organizing, which I just LOVED! We did a MAJOR clean-out of our garage (more details to come), leaving us enough space for both cars and enough extra room to relocate the chest freezer from the basement to the garage. I created an inventory for the chest freezer last week, which really motivated me to finish up some of the semi-prepped foods & freezer meals in our regular freezer, so that's how I chose our meal plan this week.

Monday: Taco Bake (taco meat prepped in the freezer)
Tuesday: Stuffed Shells & Salad (Stuffed Shells from the freezer)
Wednesday: BBQ Chicken Sandwiches (Pre-cooked & shredded chicken in the freezer)
Thursday: Turkey Tettrazini (Pre-cooked & shredded turkey in the freezer)
Friday: Pizza Night
Saturday: Anniversary Dinner Date
Sunday: Hamburgers on the Grill

I also have some pre-cooked & diced ham in the freezer that I'm going to use to make a quiche so we can eat off that for breakfast this week. All that should mostly clear out our regular freezer, so we'll be ready to dive into the deep freezer!

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