17 May 2011

White Bedroom Insanity

It has been said that the definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing over & over and expecting different results. I think an addendum is needed: putting a white duvet on your bed year after year with a black dog & toddler living in the house. Evidently last year's white duvet fail just wasn't enough for me. I had to try again this year. Let's rewind so I can tell you the whole story...

I love our bedroom. The wall color is a strange green that changes in the light, but it's warm, comforting, and beautiful. I love the deep reds and greens. The plaid curtains salvaged from our old duvet. The quilt. I just love it. 

But it's sort of heavy in color, which I love in the fall and winter. However it left me wanting something a bit brighter and lighter for the spring and summer. Combine these feelings with two recent posts from the Nester (found here & here) and I was ready for a change. But it needed to be cheap. Like the FREE kind of cheap.

So I started by removing every possible from the room: the quilt & pillow shams, the lamp shades, the curtains, all pictures, every other little accessories. I was left with a very empty space. I guess the room was breathing (or whatever). 

Obviously I couldn't leave the room like that, so I shopped the house. Here are the items that were brought back to the room: white sheets & duvet, white lamp shades, two white candles.  Hmmm...that's a LOT of white. 






I knew all that white wouldn't last long, so I didn't even bother to iron the duvet. A mere FIVE days later I was proven right. There are muddy dog prints on the duvet, black fur that is desperately awaiting an upcoming grooming appointment, and so many more wrinkles from a certain little person who loves to "mess pillows" at least 3 times a day.


The room is still bare, bordering on stark, and now a bit dirty, but it has given me a blank canvas. A place to think and get out of my dark red & green box that's been there for the last 4+ years. I would love to find an inexpensive quilt to use in the spring & summer. I think it would be fun & refreshing to have seasonal bedding. We'll just have to wait and see...and bargain shop :)


  1. I don't have seasonal bedding either. I think it's hard to find bedding. I've been looking for awhile. I love your paint color and your furniture.

  2. I agree Colleen - SO hard to find bedding! Thanks for the compliments. :)