25 May 2011

Goodwill Finds

This past weekend I went Goodwill shopping with the Goodwill Queen, also known as my mother. The Queen's top two savvy tips: shop in good neighborhoods (for the best merchandise options) & shop often

Those tips must really work for her because the lady has amazing luck at Goodwill. It doesn't hurt that's she's about 5'7 and a size 6/8 - plenty of clothes options in that size.  I, on the other hand, am 5'11 and a size 12L-O-N-G. Not as many second-hand options for me and unless I have plenty of extra time, I usually don't even waste my time looking at pants.

My mom did find a few cute things this weekend, including an outfit consisting of seersucker capris & a perfectly matching cardigan (see - so lucky!). However, I am the one who hit the jackpot! Here are my finds (straight out of the bag before the wash, so don't mind the wrinkles)...

Nike Dry Fit Top (still had the tags on it!)

Fun Summery Sleeveless Top

AnnTaylorLOFT Black Ruffle Top

such cute ruffle detail!

Navy Tunic/Dress from Target (still had the tags on it!)

JCrew Slim Fit Striped Blouse

Pink Belted Sweater

Orange Sweater

REI Half-Zip Pullover w/ iPod pocket (no tags but looked like it had never been washed/worn)

Cute Belt

Now they're all washed and ready to go! I'll have to wait another season for a few of those items, but sometimes you get the best stuff when you shop out of season.