10 May 2011

Canning Box

During my recent Kitchen Purge, I discovered a lot of stuff in my kitchen that I didn't need at all, as well as items I only need occasionally. A big chunk of the "occasional" items were related to canning, thus my "Canning Box" was born.


I already keep my extra jars and water bath canner in the garage, but I needed a place for all the extras that go along with canning that were taking up valuable space in my kitchen.


Here is what went into the Canning Box: Ball Utensil Sets, Cherry Pitter, bottle brush (great for cleaning jars), Food Saver & plastic rolls, mandolin, new jar lids, extra canning spices, and old dish rags & towels. I think I might stow our Apple Peeler-Corer-Slicer in this box too.


Now I can bring up the box up when I'm canning and easily stash it all away in one place. I rarely need most of these when I'm not canning, but if I do they are still easily accessible in the garage.

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