11 May 2011

Little Man's Closet Clean-Up

Last month, iHeart Organizing challenged her readers to Project: Purge. I jumped in and got started on my kitchen, but sort of lost some steam after vacation & a little medical situation arose. 


Well, good thing for me, this month's challenge is Project: Projects! It's time to just get some projects checked off the list. First I made a list of projects to get done around the house going room-by-room. Wow...that list is overwhelming. Time to jump in! 

An easy project to start with...clean out Little Man's closet. My general method of sorting his outgrown clothing, artwork to keep and important papers is to throw it in the closet. I have piles and piles and piles. It was time to address those. 

I began by sorting everything I encountered into four categories: 
(1)Trash   (2)Donate/sell   (3)Keep & store in attic   (4)Stays in closet

Here are some before & afters





Here's everything that needed to be moved into the attic...no wonder it was overflowing in there!

While I was in Little Man's room, he was in mine. I thought he was watching some TV and playing with his baskets of toys I keep under our TV.

Here's what he was really up to...

Traded one organized space for another unorganized space. Thankfully our room cleaned up quickly.

I foresee a yard sale in our future with all of this purging...especially after we tackle our garage this weekend!


  1. Love that last one. that's something my little guy would do while I was organizing something else. LOL

  2. lol I think its great you got so much done.

  3. Gotta love toddler organization skills! We're doing lots of purging at our house too! I was so excited to get new shelving in our garage for Mother's Day!