28 May 2011

Yardsticks & Summer Slow Downs

Every once in a while, our MOPS Mentor Mom reminds us of how very precious and fleeting the time we have at home with our little ones truly is. Here's a brief breakdown of her illustration...

She takes a yardstick in her hand and tells us it represents a lifespan. The average lifespan is about 72years (it's actually a bit higher than that now, but we'll stick with it for these purposes), the stick is 36inches long, which means each year is represented with half an inch.

First, she breaks the yardstick leaving only 9-10inches (yellow portion below) because that's when most children leave home for good, whether for college or a job. So you only have your kids in your home for 25% of their life - the other 75% they are out from under your protective wing and on their own in the world. Gulp...

Then, the kicker is when she breaks the yardstick again so there are only 2.5-3inches left (pink portion below). This symbolizes when your kids head off to school at 5-6years old. Such a small amount of time to have these sweet little ones at home with us, while we are truly Mothers of Preschoolers. 

Her illustration always brings loads of tears and really drives home how
"the days are long, but the years are short." 

Keeping this in mind, I see a major slow down coming to this blog and my online time in general over the summer.  I'm going to take time to play under the fitted sheet while I strip the beds with Little Man because he thinks it's hilarious. Swimming at the pool. Playing & picnics at the park. Time in the garden with Little Man beside me putting food into buckets (hopefully not licking each item like he did with the broccoli). Making homemade ice cream. Family time. Vacations. Just fun summer stuff!

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