02 May 2011

Meal Plan Monday

This is sort of a hodge-podge week for us with dinner meetings, unusual plans, family visits, Mother's Day and so forth, but here's our "expected" Meal Plan for the week.

Monday: Baked Rigatoni (thank you freezer meal!)
Tuesday: YoYo (You're On Your Own - Hubby has a dinner meeting, so Little Man & I will wing it)
Wednesday: Pizza (we missed our usual pizza night)
Thursday: Breakfast for Dinner (Hubby doesn't like this, but he has plans so Little Man & I can enjoy!)

Of course we still have tons of lettuce coming in from the garden, as well as broccoli, radishes, and spinach so I'm sure all of those things will be making appearances on our plates this week. 

And just for grins & giggles...these two girls are always nearby while we're in the garden. I just think they are adorable! Maybe I have a warped sense of cuteness, but they are miniatures and really are very cute in person. They are so sweet and love for Little Man (and anyone else) to feed them cookies. Ginger Snaps in case you're curious :)

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  1. I love that you call it "YoYo." I've never had a name for it...until now. :)

  2. I wish I was close by. You have no idea how much I would love to find some lettuce that isn't $2 a head.