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Goodwill Finds

It's been a while since I've done a "Goodwill Finds" post, but I had great luck on a GW trip last month and thought I'd share. 

Before I share my finds, I just want to exclaim my love for my little town's local GW...
1)The clothing is sorted by sizes. The GW's where I'm from (& my mom, the Goodwill Queen, still lives) is sorted by color, so you get a big group of red tops in all sort of sizes and it's such a pain to look through. Sorted sizes saves me so much time.
2)They accept Debit Cards! I rarely have cash with me, so this is an amazing feature to me!
3) You can make returns! You can return clothing within 7 days of purchase with your receipt - I just love that! Even though I try to do a thorough inspection in the store, occasionally I get home and find a little hole or just change my mind. 

So here are my most recent finds! 

3 Square Photo - Page 023

Lots of great tops!

3 Square Photo - Page 025

Even a like-new Nike Dry-Fit shirt

3 Square Photo - Page 024

Love both of these bottoms.

3 Square Photo - Page 024 - Copy

I've just been tickled pink because I have received SO many compliments every time I've worn one of these items. If they only knew how little I spent! One of these days I'll actually start taking pictures of myself wearing my thrifting finds...they definitely look better worn & paired with accessories than just on a hanger. 

I also lucked up and found these great Carter's fleece PJ's for my little man.


Now I'm inspired to go find more thrifting treasures!