09 April 2012

Canning Count 2011: Wrap-Up

Here's my semi-official canning count for 2011. I'm pretty sure I missed recording a few things, but oh well!

Strawberry Jam - 19 half-pints
Green Beans - 26 Quarts
Tomatoes - 20 Quarts
Tomato Sauce - 8 Pints
Basil-Garlic Tomato Sauce - 9 Pints
Bruschetta Mix - 6 half-pints
Peaches - many Quarts
Apple Butter - 5 half-pints, 2 pints
Apple Slices - 12 Quarts

In the Freezer:
Broccoli - 4 Gallon Ziplocs
Apple Pie - 4 pies
Squash Patties

Strawberry Fruit Leather
Peach Fruit Leather

A few notes: 
-I cannot freeze enough Squash Patties. They are a hit with everyone, especially Jeremiah!
-Freezing ready-to-bake Apple Pies was genius. Best idea ever!
-Garden broccoli was delicious. Do NOT remove the air from the bag w/ the food saver. You end up with a giant brick of broccoli. Flash freeze & use gallon freezer ziplocs so you can pull out just a bit at the time.

Our garden is in the ground (with a very special thanks to my Father-in-Law) & it looks like strawberry season is almost in full swing, so we'll be starting over very soon. Not sure how much I'll get put away this year considering the little one inside of me makes me very tired, but something is better than nothing!