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14 September 2011

Consignment Sale Shopping Prep

I've declared my love for Consignment on this blog before, but it has been a while. I still LOVE consignment sales for kids clothes, toys, & gear. Sometimes I can get caught up in all the great deals and over-buy, which really defeats the purpose of saving money by shopping consignment. As my father-in-law says, "You'll go broke buying bargains." 

To avoid over-buying, I've started doing a little prep work. I take an inventory of what I already have for Little Man. To make it easier on myself, I group like items (shirts, pants, PJs, seasonal items) and take pictures. Then I print them out on cardstock on our home printer, usually two per side so I can easily see what I have so I can avoid buying duplicates, as well as look for items that can mix & match. 

3 Square Photo - Page 022
I took these pictures Thursday afternoon in preparation for my first Consignment Sale of the season on Friday morning.

I make a list of what I need on that same sheet of paper (this season's needs: snow coat & bibs, more PJs, brown shoes, etc). I tuck that paper in my oversized tote bag that I always take with me to hold my finds & keep my hands free. 

This really only takes a few minutes, but this makes my shopping SO much more efficient. A little prep work can make such a big difference.

Happy Consigning!

12 September 2011

Meal Plan Monday

Summer is over & I guess my blogging drought should be too. I'm easing back into blogging with a meal plan post. Something I did little to none of since May. I did run across an adorable meal planning printable this summer. I'm going to print it off, frame it in the kitchen, and then I'll be able to use it weekly with a dry-erase pen on the glass. 

weekly menu(2)
Unfortunately, I cannot remember for the life of me where I found this. 
If anyone knows, please leave the info in the comments & I'll be happy to link to the original source. Source Found!

Monday: Pesto Chicken (thank you, Pinterest)
Tuesday: BBQ Chicken Sandwiches
Wednesday: Lasagna (from the freezer)
Thursday: Pork Chops
Friday: Pizza Night!
Saturday: Chili (if the weather is cool)
Sunday: YoYo (You're On Your Own...usually leftovers/sandwiches)

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