30 August 2011

24 August 2011

In the middle...

I ran across this blog post recently and boy did it just about knock me down on my bottom. It's lengthy, but definitely worth the read. Towards the end, she writes 

The story was still in the middle, but I wanted to flip ahead to the end, past the conflict and struggle and straight to the happy ending. 

That line struck me to the core. Brought immediate, unstoppable tears. Reminded me where I was in my story. We have now been in this chapter for over a year with three losses, heartbreak, frustration, and basically no answers. At least no answers here on Earth. But I have hope. God knows what He's doing. He knows my story, even though I don't know it all yet. I'm still in the middle. I can't just jump ahead and read the last chapter of this book. I've got to wait it out, be patient, and know that God is in control. And that He is good.

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." -Romans 8:28

22 August 2011

15 August 2011

11 August 2011

Trends...love 'em or hate 'em?

Popping in from my summer hiatus to write down random thoughts...

Do you ever find yourself thinking, "I must be really uncool." I've found myself thinking that lately because I just don't like a lot of the current trends. Here are a few...

the color "Mustard

Chalkboard anything

cutesy mustaches

all images found via Pinterest

Then I think back about other things I thought would be a trend to quickly fade away. Two come to mind immediately that proved me a complete loser.

Facebook...true story. I totally didn't "get it" when I was introduced to it in college and refused to sign up until 3+ years later. By then, even my parents were on it.

Digital Cameras...I refused to meet with wedding photographers who shot digitally because I thought it would never last & I would somehow lose my pictures. A also turned down taking my parents digital camera to Europe my senior year of college because I didn't think it would be "good enough". Joke's on me!

Oh well! Can't win them all. And I'm getting better at laughing at myself all the time...

08 August 2011

02 August 2011