14 September 2011

Consignment Sale Shopping Prep

I've declared my love for Consignment on this blog before, but it has been a while. I still LOVE consignment sales for kids clothes, toys, & gear. Sometimes I can get caught up in all the great deals and over-buy, which really defeats the purpose of saving money by shopping consignment. As my father-in-law says, "You'll go broke buying bargains." 

To avoid over-buying, I've started doing a little prep work. I take an inventory of what I already have for Little Man. To make it easier on myself, I group like items (shirts, pants, PJs, seasonal items) and take pictures. Then I print them out on cardstock on our home printer, usually two per side so I can easily see what I have so I can avoid buying duplicates, as well as look for items that can mix & match. 

3 Square Photo - Page 022
I took these pictures Thursday afternoon in preparation for my first Consignment Sale of the season on Friday morning.

I make a list of what I need on that same sheet of paper (this season's needs: snow coat & bibs, more PJs, brown shoes, etc). I tuck that paper in my oversized tote bag that I always take with me to hold my finds & keep my hands free. 

This really only takes a few minutes, but this makes my shopping SO much more efficient. A little prep work can make such a big difference.

Happy Consigning!

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