18 May 2011

Kids Gardening


On a recent trip to Walmart, I found these cute Miracle-Gro Kids Mini Greenhouse Kits. They were only $1 a piece, so I picked up two thinking it would be a fun rainy day activity sometime soon. Well, we've had plenty of rain recently so I pulled the kits out. They turned out to be SO neat! I enjoyed them as much as Little Man.

As always, be sure to read the directions first ;)


I was a bit concerned when I bought them because I knew there wasn't enough dirt in there, but here's the really cool part: they have special dirt that expands when you add water. The dirt on the left is before we added water, the dirt on the right is mixed with 1/4 cup of water and it EXPANDED when we stirred it. It was crazy to watch it grow.


Then we added a few little seeds: Sweet Bell Peppers & Zinnias.


Now we wait for them to sprout and we'll transplant them to keep here. I think Little Man will really enjoy watching them grow from start to finish. Let's hope it ends well!


A quick & easy project with a little learning thrown in - love it!


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  2. Ooops and here is my email. If you are interested, email me your address, name and I will send your products out to you! :) Erin


  3. Little Man's very own "Square Foot Garden".
    I love it.