03 May 2011

Corn Allergy Explained

I've mentioned before that I'm allergic to CORN and all corn products. 

I would like for you to let that settle in for a moment. 


Think about all the foods that contain the obvious corn ingredients like Corn Syrup, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Corn Starch, Corn Meal, Corn Oil, etc. There are other corn-derived ingredients, like Xanthan Gum, that I also have to avoid. 

I live in the South, where corn reigns supreme in the form of grits, corn bread, and hush puppies.

I can't eat any of them.

My allergy goes beyond just eating corn.

The smell of popcorn bothers me immensely (sort of like someone wearing a really strong perfume that gives you an immediate headache and makes you feel sick), so I hold my breath as I speed walk through the lobby of the movie theatre and politely ask others not to pop it when I'm around.

I wear closed shoes to the State Fair and dodge all those huge roasted ears of corn that people walk around with and often drop in hopes that I won't get touched by them.

I avoid shaking hands with people who have been eating corn chips or popcorn (lesson learned the hard way when I met our State Governor at a basketball game in college).  

It affects my friends and family.

We don't grow corn in our garden, even though everyone else in the family loves it.

No kisses for my hubby if he's eaten a corn product.

When we have Bunco and other events I'm attending, the hostess tries to plan a corn-free meal (which can be quite challenging and sometimes stressful to the cook).

I have to have my own bowl of salsa (that I eat with potato chips) so that nobody dips their corn chip in it.


You may find yourself thinking, "Poor thing!" or "Gosh - what CAN she eat?". At least that's what I hear most often when people find out about my allergy.

Honestly, to me it's not really a big deal. There are no pity parties around here where corn is concerned. 

We've known about this allergy since I was about 2 years old and I've dealt with it. I know what foods to avoid and instinctively do so. It's second nature to me, just like buying Size 10 shoes. 

I usually don't feel deprived of anything because there are plenty of corn-free foods to eat in this world. 

Like chocolate :)

However, one thing that I have a weakness for is fruity candies. They are FULL of corn products which obviously puts them out of my diet. That is sometimes frustrating for me. 

But my frustrations are OVER!!! This weekend I made Strawberry Fruit Leather for the first time.


I'll be back tomorrow with the recipe...

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