07 April 2011

Car Organization: Toddler Version

Yesterday I shared my organizing solution for all my stuff that was floating around the car making a big old mess. 

Well, today is all about the little people in your life. I like to keep a small bag in the car to keep Little Man entertained, especially for longer car trips, shopping adventures, or when I know we're going to have to wait (like the doctor's office). I've had this in my car for a while, but it was time to get tidied up and I thought I'd share.

This bag is actually a shower caddy, perfect for a toddler since it's completely washable. I picked up this bag last year at Target when the "back to college" gear was on clearance. 

Here's a closer look...

So, what's inside:

Emergency Essentials

Small Toys

No-Mess Coloring

Thin Books

Activities: Homemade Lacing Card, "Shaker" they made at school (he loves to shake it and yell, "Dance Mommy!"), and a frisbee if we make a stop to burn off some energy

Car Mat I made for our friends from Radiator Springs.

This only comes out when we have to go in somewhere and wait. It rolls up and fits easily in the car bag, his backpack, and sometimes even my purse (depending on how much stuff I'm carrying around!).

This is Little Man's view - easily accessible from his car seat.


There's also a snack size baggie of pretzels tucked away just in case we're ever in dire need of a snack.

Now, my car is all organized - hooray! I'm still wishing someone would come along to vacuum all the crumbs & dirt out of there! :)

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