06 April 2011

Car Organization: Mommy Version

I like to keep a tidy house, but when it comes to my car it's an entirely different story. My car is constantly in a state of chaotic mess with trash, snacks, reusable grocery bags, coupons, toys and all sorts of other things floating around. Maybe you can relate? 

Well, I got tired of the mess and wanted to organize a bit. First I cleaned the entire car out: filled a bag of trash, made a pile of things that needed to go back in the house (including 4 toddler snack cups!), and then had another pile of items that needed to stay in the car. Of the items left, there was mommy stuff and toddler stuff. Today I'm going to share what I did with the mommy stuff.

I needed a place to contain everything, so I looked around the garage and found a rubbermaid container that would fit in the front seat. A big bin in the front seat may not work for everyone, but generally it is just me and Little Man in his carseat in the back. Even though it's a rarity that anyone ever rides in the front seat, in the event someone does ride along with us then the bin can easily be picked up and put in the back. 

So here's my new view - definitely function over form, but this was a FREE project so I'm going with it.

A closer look...

So here's what's in there:

Catch-all Jar (for change, pens, straws, hair accesories, etc)

Miscellaneous Essentials
side-note: I usually just stuff extra napkins in my glove box instead of having an entire roll of paper towels. However, while I was cleaning out my car, I opened my glove box and it was so jammed full of napkins that the entire glove box fell out into the floorboard! I decided a roll of select-a-size paper towels would just be easier.


Reusable Shopping Bags

A few other things I'll probably add: phone charger, hand sanitizer, travel pack of Clorox wipes, picnic blanket (we were given this one & I love it!), and sunscreen/bug spray (for the coming warmer months).

One last look...

You can see the toddler-version peaking out in the back seat, but more on that tomorrow!

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  1. While the girls are napping this afternoon this is my project! What a great idea!