09 August 2010

Meal Plan Monday: Back to Life, Back to Reality...

I've taken a break this summer...from routines, blogging, cooking, working out regularly, cleaning, and anything else that typically resembles my life. This summer has had some ups and downs, but it's time to get back to normal. I love routine...thrive on routine! So, here's my first attempt to getting back to normal: Meal Plan Monday!

Trying to finish up some food we have on hand this week, then do a big batch of freezer cooking this weekend in hopes to (1) avoid cooking daily in this heat and (2) going out because I don't want to cook/forgot to pull something out/just too lazy.

Monday: Cheeseburger Mac-n-Cheese (already had cooked elbows & browned hamburger in the freezer - easy meal!)
Tuesday: Baked Chicken, Broccoli, & Rice
Wednesday: Beef Stew (have a huge bag of leftover frozen roast & veggies...add some beef stock and we'll have a deliciously easy meal)
Thursday: Sausage, Peppers, & Pasta (finishing up half a box of pasta & using Italian sausage from the freezer)
Friday: PIZZA! :)

Weekend: YOYO (You're On Your Own) while I freezer cook

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  1. haha! I love the YOYO. I wish I could do that some nights but I don't think my 4 year old would appreciate that! ha!

  2. When I declare YOYO nights, it's up to my hubby to feed our 2 year old...it's a great system! :)

  3. love the YoYo too! good luck freezer cooking! i'd love to do that sometime. my husband doesnt like the idea of it tho because works late most nights, so he eats leftovers. he says she doesnt want to be eating leftovers that already been cooked twice. so for now i just stick to freezing pancakes and muffins for my boys.

  4. I've fallen this summer too, w/ basically everything you mentioned that you have! This week, we are cleaning out our freezer and eating stuff that has been in there awhile, so that I can start freezing other stuff. Good plan!