12 August 2010

Freezer Cooking: Thursday Night Update

First, let's take a moment to enjoy a clean kitchen...it happens so infrequently!

OK, now that we've basked in the cleanliness, let's review what I got done in less than an hour:

(1) chicken slowly cooking (decided to do that overnight so I can get finished a littler earlier tomorrow)

(2) made homemade granola bars (btw...chopping dried cherries is gross)

Update: I just cut into these and they are YUMMY! My sweet hubby even gave his approval.

(3) homemade granola in the oven (it will be done in the morning)

I took pictures of all my ingredients as I was going along. I wasn't going to post them, but as I looked at them I started to die laughing! Notice a common theme? I think Walmart should pay me for free advertising of their Great Value brand. What can I say, it is a great value (read: it's cheap!).

Now my kitchen is clean again, the chicken is slowly cooking, the house smells like delicious cinnamony goodness, and I'm enjoying an amazing glass of wine while watching the Panthers pre-season game. 
What a great way to end the evening!

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