16 August 2010

Meal Plan Monday & August Freezer Cooking Wrap-Up

I'm all done with my freezer cooking! I ended up ditching two recipes (Monster Cookies & Breakfast Scones...we have plenty of breakfast items & I don't need any more cookies!), but I still have plenty of food for us to eat. 

Final Freezer Cooking Count:
Granola - gallons size bag
Granola Bars - 20 bars (diminishing quickly!)
Cinnamon Rolls (tons!)
Cheesy Sausage English Muffins - 21
Buffalo Chicken Wraps - 12
French Dip Sandwiches - 2 meals
Blue Cheese Stuffed Chicken - 16
Stuffed Shells - gallon size bag full!
Lasagna - 3
Chicken Divan - 2

I'm going to start making use of these meals in our Meal Plan this week!
Monday - Lasagna & Salad
Tuesday - Chicken Divan
Wednesday - Roast Beef Sandwiches
No need to plan for more than that, because we're off to a mini-vacation with some friends. 
5 kids under 3.5 years old. Should be loud & fun!

Of course we'll be eating out of the freezer for breakfasts and leftover for lunch. Yay for less cooking! 

Two tips that really worked well for me during this freezer cooking frenzy:
1) Break up your cooking. I ended up spreading out my freezer cooking over 4 days, when it was convenient for me. I'd cook until I got tired and then I stopped. I got it all done without getting burned out.

2) Make portions work for your family. In my family, we have my hubby, Little Man (who's two), and myself. Little Man sometimes doesn't eat what we eat at dinner (due to pickiness or time of our dinner), so I generally plan for two servings + lunch leftovers. Many recipes are too big for just what we need, so I flash froze a ton of food so now I can just take out a few servings. 
I use the Pioneer Woman's recipe for Lasagna. She has 4 older kids plus cowboys to feed. That recipe is simply too much for us to eat at once, so I split the lasagna recipe into 3 smaller containers. This is the PERFECT amount for us, plus I'm saving money by spreading this recipe out into three meals + leftovers. Wahoo for saving money!

My Little Man was AWESOME at self-entertaining while I cooked away. Thank you God!

And obviously my multi-tasking skills were lacking when I made yet another sink of dishwater. Caught this just in time!

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  1. Becky - Thank you for doing a round of freezer cooking! My hubs is out of town for work this week and so after our little guy goes to bed I'm working on stocking up our freezer :) Last night I made the granola and granola bars - they are awesome!