24 August 2010

Quilt productivity!

I know that fall is on its way...not only because the long-range forecast has zero days with highs in the 90s (praise God!!), but because I'm getting the urge to quilt. I pretty much only get the urge to quilt or sew when it's getting (or has already gotten) cold. Now, make no mistake. It won't be COLD here for a very long time, but my mind likes to jump there after a brutally hot summer. I've caught myself wearing jeans just because I want to (definitely no need with the heat), smelling pumpkin candles at the store, and constantly squelching the urge to put out my fall decor (I have to wait until Labor Day weekend - then it's on!). Oh I'm longing for cool fall days, a trip to the pumpkin patch, and FOOTBALL! OK, I'm digressing...

Anyway, about my productive day... I decided this weekend that it was time to start a new quilt, but I didn't want to spend much money (hopefully no money) on it. So I searched through my mother-in-law's fabric stash, as well as my own. I found lots of fabrics that would be fun and coordinate well. I even found a piece in my own stash large enough for a backing. After pulling together lots of fabric remnants, washing, drying, and finally ironing, I got to cutting. You see, I want to make my own version of this quilt.

I instantly fell in love with this quilt and I bookmarked the blog post on the spot. I just thought the raw-edge appliqué was so neat and I loved the randomness of the fabrics. This afternoon and evening, I cut all my squares...48 8-inch square and 48 6.5-in squares (which now have to have circles cut out of them). With a two-year old, a dog, and a hungry husband, this certainly didn't happen without interruption, yet I still managed to get so much done. I even managed to finish the book on CD from our trip this weekend. 

I'd call all that quilt prep a very productive day. Now let's hope I didn't spend all my productiveness on the first day of the week!

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