11 August 2010

Child-free day!

I never thought I'd enjoy a day of mundane errands so much, but making 8 stops in less than 4 hours without a child in 100-degree temperatures actually relaxed me!

Here's how my day went: Drop off Little Man at Nana's and begin errand mania:
1) Drop load at Goodwill
2) Make deposits at bank
3) Take load to Consignment Store (wait for them to sort through and find adorable Kelly's Kids shirt for $6!!)
4) Mall to pick up a)new cable remote & b)ProActiv (because my face hasn't figured out I'm in my late 20s!)
5) Run through Chic-Fil-A and enjoy lunch all by myself parked in the shade listening to what I want to on the radio without Nemo and toddler-noise in the background.
6) Sam's Club (stocking up for freezer cooking this weekend)
7) Walmart (finished up my freezer cooking shopping)
8) Library to return overdue books (oops!)

That doesn't sound very relaxing, but seriously I enjoyed every second! There was no in & out of the car seat, snack cups, toddler-meltdown from being drug all over kingdom come, gotta be back in time for nap, blah blah blah! I'm sure that's a sign that I just needed some time to myself. This past week has been a tough one and it was good to just enjoy some solitude (even in the midst of lots of people).

Best of all, after I got home and everything unpacked, I still had a little over 2 hours before I needed to pick my Little Man up so my DVR and I got reacquainted. Wahoo!!!


  1. I COMPLETELY understand how heavenly this day must have been for you! How awesome is it just getting things accomplished, being on your own schedule, and enjoying some time to think (uninterrupted)!! Good for you, Becky - you definitely deserved it and I hope you enjoyed every minute!

  2. I did the same yesterday myself.....I thrive on DC days with errands planned. So gald you got a lot accomplished, cont prayes and hugs for you.