25 August 2010

Your Dream Home

UPDATE: Go check out what she did with that kitchen. It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think a lot about our dream house. I don't mean some enormous mansion with maids quarters or anything like that. I think about our attainable dream house. The house we'll (hopefully) build next...out in the country, one county over in my school district of choice. I often put off things in the house we're living in now because I'm thinking about our dream house. 

Then I read this post from The Nester. It made me think. We're in no real hurry to move out of our current house. It's plenty big, fits all our needs (and most of our wants), in a great neighborhood with a pool. So, why am I always thinking about our dream house? I need to make this house, our current home, into what we want it to be. Hopefully whatever changes we make (as we can afford them) will help our home to sell quickly in the future, but mostly I hope it will make us fall even more in love with our house.

Speaking of making your current house your dream home, check out Rare & Beautiful Treasures. She's up for quite the challenge over the next year. She recently went from this kitchen...

to this kitchen... 

They recently sold their true dream home and moved into someone else's home to house sit (& rent) for a year. I'm sure God has a great plan for their lives as they go on this "against the grain" adventure.

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