06 July 2010

Fun with your kids - go pick fruit!

So far this summer, I've taken Little Man strawberry picking (alone), Cherry Picking (with his Nana), and Blueberry Picking (with Daddy).  He's not even two yet, but he had a BLAST each time and enjoyed a ton of fruit while we picked (thank God they didn't weigh him before & after or my bill would have been a lot higher!). He even helped pick some to put in the buckets (although most went directly to his mouth).

Little Man picking blueberries.

I'd encourage anyone to take their kids to go pick fruit (or veggies). These have been great outings - both fun and productive (I've gotten plenty of fruit to eat, freeze, and can). I love that my little guy is getting an understanding at a very young age that food doesn't just appear in the grocery store.

Little Man & myself after a hilarious cherry picking adventure.

Suggestions for success:
1) Go early in the morning before it gets too hot. Nobody, your little ones included, wants to be out there in the heat of the day. That will zap the fun right out of you!
2) Wear old clothes & shoes that you don't mind getting dirty. Farm life is rarely pristine.
3) Take a snack & a drink. I never leave the house without these anyway! :)
4) Be patient and don't expect them to be perfect pickers immediately (or maybe even at all). I didn't think Little Man would know which berries to pick, but after  me repeatedly pointing out the ripe berries and taste testing a few that weren't ripe, he became a pro. It's also very important to teach them proper "etiquette" of walking up & down the rows and not trampling the plants.

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