26 May 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...KITCHEN EDITION: Small Appliances (part 1)

I love when I get suggestions from other ladies about their favorite items around their house. People usually don't rave unless it's truly deserved and I have come across lots of "gems" by sharing this way. So, I thought I'd start a "Favorite Things" series about some of my favorite things around the house from a wife/mother/homemaker perspective.

I knew immediately that I must start in the kitchen. That's where I spend so much time anyway and probably anyone who reads this blog does too. I have SO many kitchen favorites that I've broken this down into three installments. So, here are a few of my favorite Small Appliances...

1) Food Processor - I use my food processor for a variety of purposes. I use it a TON while I'm canning in the summer, it purees tomatoes and apples in a flash. I also use it to grate my own cheese. (Did you know that the pre-grated stuff in the grocery store is covered in corn starch? Yuck!) I will grate large quantities and then freeze it. Grated cheese freezes great. Whole blocks...not so much. Take my word for it.

My food processor is not some pretty piece of machinery like this: 

Nope, mine looks like this: 

It was my mom's and I'm pretty sure it's older than me. But it works great and was FREE!

2) Waffle Maker - We received a waffle maker as a wedding present. It's gotten quite a work out in it's life and continues to do so. Aside from making waffles on a Saturday morning, I make big batches of waffles and freeze them for a quick breakfast. I love this waffle maker because it makes four good size waffles at once, so one round on the waffle maker is good for anywhere from 2-4 breakfasts!

3) Bread Machine - I've already told you about my bread machine. I continue to love it and still can't believe I only paid $7 for it! I just love, love, love that dough cycle.

4) Keurig Coffee Maker - This has changed my coffee life. I used to either make a pot of coffee, just to throw most of it out or just not make any, even though I wanted some because I didn't want to waste so much. Now, we can have a cup whenever we want. It's definitely worth it to splurge for one that keeps the water hot rather than the less expensive models that take 3-5 minutes per cup to make.

5) Griddle - While I love my waffle maker, the griddle gets equal time in the pancake department. I can make 8 pancakes at one time. That makes pancake cooking quick & easy! I have also discovered it is the BEST for making sliders (mini-burgers). They cook without drying out and the little buns toast up great. A delicious (unhealthy) meal in minutes! I have one like this that folds in half (great storage saving) and the griddle plates pop out for easy cleaning.

6) George Foreman Grill - My favorite use for the Foreman Grill is grilled sandwiches, like grilled cheese or any other panini-like sandwich. It's PERFECT for this use, even without any butter on the bread. I'm telling you, you have to try it. I sometimes cook meat in this too, it cooks up quick in this without drying out. I actually own a Hamilton Beach version, but it works equally great.

So, what are YOUR favorite Kitchen Things? Feel free to share - I'm always on the lookout for more kitchen stuff!

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