29 May 2010

Favorite Things - KITCHEN EDITION (part 2)

More of my favorite kitchen stuff...I'm not sure how I would function without Pampered Chef or Tupperware products. Before you even have a chance to ask....No, I don't sell either of these. Yes, I know they can be pricey. They are worth every penny!

I must admit that even though my kitchen if FILLED with many of these wonderful products, I've gotten most either for FREE or a big discount by hosting parties. Some people find these gatherings obnoxious and pushy, but I love having my friends over for a girls night and with both of these, we always get to eat! It's also vital to have good consultants to work with, so make sure you find someone you like, trust, and will host a good, interactive show. 

I'll start with my favorite 5 Pampered Chef Products, in no particular order.
(1) Batter Bowls - I have both sizes. They are strong and have withstood much abuse by my toddler and me. They have a spout for pouring, a handle, and a lid - all quite useful. Super easy to clean.

(2) Mix & Scrape - These are great for mixing, but so are many similar products. What sells me on this every time is that is will scrape a bowl of batter clean. I'm talking about NOTHING left in the bowl. I must admit sometimes I don't use this to its full potential...like when dumping brownie batter. Yum! They also don't stain, even though it's completely white. Trust me, I've used this with tomato sauce, saffron, pickle mix...basically anything that should stain. It always comes out completely clean. I have 2 of the small sizes, but I want a big one.

(3) Mix & Chop - Seriously, how did I ever brown hamburger or sausage before this product came into my life? This will break up meat faster and better than just using a regular spatula or wooden spoon. When we're out of town & I have to cook without one, I get extremely frustrated.

(4) Salad Chopper- Well, I actually don't use these for salads. I use these for meat, mainly chicken. They will chop up chicken in no time! I'm a sucker for kitchen shears anyway, so these double-bladed scissors do the job in a hurry with no mess on my hands.

(5) Non-stick cookware (TPC Executive Cookware) - Maybe I saved the best for last. This cookware has changed my life! Well, sort of. Their non-stick cookware is actually double dipped in the non-stick material, where most non-stick is just sprayed on (sort of like hairspray). This makes it last a lot long and cook a lot more evenly than other. I never have to soak & scrub dishes anymore because everything just slides right off. The rims are dripless, so if I have to pour something out into another dish, it doesn't drip down the side and make a mess! I am fortunate enough to have the 5 & 7-piece sets. I got these at an amazing price (60% off!) by hosting a show during a month when they were the host special. Then my parents actually paid for them and gave them to me for my birthday - wahoo!

I could probably add another 10-15 items, but I wouldn't want to bore you. =)

I have discovered a recent love for Tupperware. I'll just share my top three favorite Tupperware items, because I have a feeling I'm starting to lose you (if you even made it this far!).
1) Modular Mates - I cannot say ENOUGH about these. They make my kitchen cabinets so pretty & organized. I got a set half-off last time I hosted a party. But I need more! I mainly store my baking items in them, but I have a bag of whole wheat flour that is very sad not to be in an air-tight container.

I got these spice holders off Craigslist! Obviously I could use some more of these too.

On the left is a Potato holder. I'm not sure if this is actually considered a MM, but I love it & had to share. I've heard of people using it as a snack container too - little hands would LOVE to pull out their treat through that hole. And that's the Super Cereal Storer...I was very sad they ran out of red lids. :(

2) Marinating Dish (Season-Serv Container) - This is one cool product that I discovered at my MIL's house. It's liquid-tight, so marinades don't spill out. It has ridges on the bottom & top so you can flip and the marinade can still get under your meat.
3) Midets - These little containers have had many uses over the years. When I used to work and I had to take my lunch to school (former teacher), I would put any extras like dips, dressings, toppings in these. Now, they are the perfect holder for raisins/Craisins for my Little Man.

Again, I could add a ton more products that I love, but I doubt too many of you actually made it this far! 

Please feel free to share what you love in your kitchen! I'm always on the lookout for new products to help me out!

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  1. I've never seen anything like the mix n chop before! It looks strange but sounds like a must have! :)