30 May 2010

Decorating Bug - Decorating with Pictures

I planned to follow up my first "Decorating Bug" post by writing about our bedroom updates. They are taking longer than I expected (due to my sewing laziness), so I'm moving on to some things I've actually finished.

I am not really into art. In fact, we have no "art" up in our house with the exception of three prints in our kitchen to coordinate with our orange walls. They're cute & funky, but I made them from a gift bag I found at Home Goods. Cheap art - just my style!

Even though I don't decorate with art, I do decorate with photos. I LOVE pictures of people. Each time I look at a picture, I think of who is in the picture, the love I have for them, the fun times we've had, etc. All those happy feelings come to me. Also, it's pretty cheap to decorate with pictures. That definitely makes me happy!

When decorating with pictures, I (sort of) follow two rules: 
(1) Monochromatic frames. Almost all the frames in my house are black. If all the frames are the same color, then they all coordinate, no matter the size or style. 
(2) Black & White prints. Don't get me wrong, we have some color prints in our house, but I love B&W. They seem to capture the emotion so much better than color. It's also easier to group B&W (in my opinion) because there are no competing colors to distract you. 

Above the couch in our living room was a huge blank wall. I had a hard time figuring out what to put there, but after finding some inspiration on a blog and following the two rules above, I came up with this.

 Our room is a bit wonky because that wall is opposite the fireplace, but it's not centered with the fireplace, so my couch & fireplace don't line up. That drives my anal-retentive self batty, so I have to follow The Nester's mantra, "it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." These frames aren't centered on the wall, but they are centered (mostly) over the couch. They are also a bit too high, but that's because a certain toddler would stand on the couch and destroy them if they were any lower. Even with all the imperfections, I still LOVE them!

That should be the point of all home decorating - use what makes you happy!

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