16 May 2010

Strawberry Jam


I'm excited - how about you? My little man has eaten a TON of strawberries. He literally ate over a pound on the way home from the strawberry patch BY HIMSELF Thursday. The kid loves fruit - I'm not complaining! 

I have been making strawberry jam with the 20lbs of strawberries we've acquired in the last couple of weeks. I plan on making more too, because after I give some away as gifts and eat it with PB or Nutella, there's just not a lot left to last the rest of the year. And we have an entire YEAR until strawberry season rolls around again.

I've been making all my jam with Ball's No Sugar Needed Pectin.

One batch I made completely sugar free. It's pretty good with PB, but I wouldn't want it by itself on buttered toast. The other 4 batches I've made a "low-sugar" version, using between 2-3 cups of sugar. That's still quite a bit of sugar, but much better than the 7 cups that would typically go in there. I've gotten rave reviews on the low-sugar version, so I'll keep on making it that way.

I gave a jar to each of the ladies in my MOPS Care Group at our meeting the Friday before Mother's Day. 

I wanted to make sure they all had a SWEET Mother's Day!

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