25 January 2011

Organizing Toys

Our family room is truly that - a room that our entire family enjoys. However, it's so easy to get overwhelmed with toys. I'm sure other moms know what I'm talking about. Recently I cleaned out our coat closet (in the hallway off the family room) and moved all his toys from the family room into the closet. This allows me to control what toys are out when, so we're not walking in a sea of toys.

We moved his big play table up from the basement (which has convenient storage containers underneath) and now he has one major toy out at a time. Either his barn & animals/tractors or his trains & track go on top of the table. 

This new system is working out wonderfully!! By only having one set of toys out at a time, he's actually playing for long periods of time with his toys. He's not constantly distracted by the million other toys around. Aside from the table, he usually has out his matchbox cars or "wegos" (LEGO Duplo Blocks). He plays independently with all those very well. When I feel like he needs some extra attention or he's getting bored with those toys, I'll put out his books, puzzles, games, or art supplies that he needs a little mommy-help with from the closet. 

He's also learned that to get another toy from the closet, he must clean up the toys he already has out so we can put those up. He's even insisting on cleaning up before nap & bedtime (which may just be a stall tactic), but I'm really excited about this. Love when my child learns great life skills - like cleaning! :)

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