13 January 2011

Contoured Burp Cloth Tutorial Mash-Up

Anyone else a Glee fan? I love a Mash-Up, so I had to use it in my post title.

For the Sip & See, I needed a simple, yet useful baby shower gift (actually we've had a baby BOOM lately & I've needed lots of gifts & some I'm not done with yet, but that's besides the point). I knew I wanted to make something (because I love handmade gifts!), but I wasn't quite sure what. I had bookmarked several baby-gift tutorials, but finally decided on contoured burp cloths.

I combined this tutorial with this tutorial to make something that was just right!

I started with a few flannel receiving blankets (regular flannel yardage would work too, but these colors were perfect for our shower theme), a yard of chenille, and some batting I had leftover from a quilting project.

When I finished, I had three contoured burp cloths with batting, making them extra absorbent.

They fit perfect over your should and contour around your neck while still giving you plenty of coverage for spit-up.

 The burp cloths, a package of those sweet Pampers Swaddlers diapers, all wrapped up in a cute personalized tub was quite a useful gift. Fashion & form - gotta love it!

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