06 January 2011

2011 Home Decor Goals

Last year I went through room-by-room in our house and made a list of things I wanted to change, either for free or really cheap. Some of those things were updating pictures, spray painting various items, etc. I'm happy to report that we checked off almost all of those "To Do's" and even added in some extras, like updating the landscaping (I just realized I never took pictures of the after - shame on me! It will have to wait until spring now).

Well, this year I went through and made a similar list. It's time to spend a little more money on our home, which can be a bit scary but also necessary. For example, we've learned from experience that we need to seek professional help for most major painting projects (especially if they involve wallpaper, which is why the Master Bath says "fix" paint) and we're at a point where it's just time to do something in the painting department. Thankfully, my husband's family is very handy so we will be able to DIY some projects (like tile, hopefully, if I ask really nicely and cook...).

This list may be a bit ambitious and they probably won't all be accomplished this year, but the first step to accomplishment is to set goals, so here are mine! By the way, I've rated on a $ - $$$ scale by how much I think each will cost us. 

Family Room ($)

Update accessory color scheme (cheery red & yellow accents)
Small round side table between recliners
New toy storage for Little Man 

Replace faux wood blinds (that are white to match the rest of our rooms)


    Kitchen ($$$...maybe I should add more $)

    Update old, ripped linoleum with wood floors to match hall & dining room

    Granite counters & stainless appliances (oh wait, that's my dream world seeping through...)

    Update: Amazingly, we were able to complete the kitchen renovation. Thank you God for the provision of a sweet grandfather who left us some money to be able to accomplish this.

      Half-Bathroom ($$)
      Remove wallpaper & paint (seek professional help)

      Foyer/Hallway/Stairwell ($$)
      Paint walls, trim ceiling (seek professional help)

      Master Bathroom ($$)
      Fix paint (seek professional help)
      Replace peel & stick tile with real tile floor (DIY)

      Guest Bathroom ($$)

      Replace peel & stick tile with real tile floor (DIY)
      Remove wallpaper & paint (seek professional help)


      Guest Bedroom ($)

      Replace faux wood blinds (that are white to match the rest of our rooms)

      Convert to Big Boy room if (hopefully!) needed to coordinate with this bedding from PBK that I bought on sale last spring
      Ignore the dry cleaning pile.

          Laundry Room ($$)

          Replace (crappy) bi-fold door...maybe with curtain (?)
          Tile floor (DIY)
          Paint (DIY)
          Relocate extra cabinets from Master & Guest Bathrooms


          That's a long list, so here are my top priorities:
          1. Wood floor in kitchen
          2. Hallway/Foyer painted
          3. Family room updates

          I think it's important to note that even though I have an extensive list of things I want to update around our house, that doesn't mean I put our life on hold from hosting friends and family until it's all finished. We'd never have anyone over if that was the case! We invite people into our home to enjoy fellowship with one another, not impress them with a perfect home. This coming weekend I'm co-hosting a baby shower and Bunco at my home - ripped linoleum and all!

          Example of my imperfect home...that 16x20 frame has been hung in my main hallway & empty for MONTHS! Thankfully I did get a family picture printed this week.

          Embrace the imperfections! I honestly think it makes your guests a bit more comfortable when your house isn't perfect because it reminds them of their own home, which probably isn't perfect either!

          I'm linking up with the Nester today.


          1. You have the notion of hospitality down to a "T." I loved the sentence you had in bold about the reasons we entertain. Love how you picked your priorities out of your list. I'm visiting from The Nester's Home Goals party. I hope you'll stop by my blog to say hi. :)

          2. I love your philosophy on hosting. When we were still in the midst of our kitchen reno, we hosted our monthly poker game for 30-some odd friends with plywood counters and subfloor.

            I had louvered bifold doors on our laundry room, too. If you visit my blog, scroll down to the Look Back at 2010 post to see a pic of how I changed them. It's one of my favorite projects from last year.

          3. Hi Becky! I'm so sorry to hear about your struggles the last six months and so glad my post spoke to you. Thanks for your sweet comment.

            What a fun post by the way. I love home projects! :)