14 January 2011

Extreme Couponing

Did you see the Extreme Couponing Special on TLC? It was C-R-A-Z-Y!!! I love saving money and do some pretty good couponing when Harris Teeter runs a Super Double or Triples special, but they take this to a whole new level.

Here are their savings on the shopping trip that was recorded:

Amanda Ostrowski - Cincinnati, OH 
Retail value: $1,175.33. Amanda's cost after utilizing her coupons: $51.67.

Nathan Engels - Villa Hills, KY 
Retail value: $5,743.00 Nathan's cost after utilizing his coupons: $241.00 - 95% savings! 

Joanie Demer - McKinleyville, CA (http://thekrazycouponlady.com/
Retail value: $638.64. Joanie's cost after utilizing her coupons: $2.64 - 98% savings!

Joyce House - Philadelphia, PA
Retail value: $230.38. Joyce's cost after utilizing her coupons: $6.32.

I originally saw this clip on Good Morning America, then recorded the special on TLC. I kept it, so if you're local friend reading this & haven't seen it, you're welcome to come watch it with me. I am just amazed! I have no desire to have a garage-full stockpile or anything like that, but it is rather fascinating. 

I have been inspired to up my couponing. I may even venture into the drugstores...even though that game seems a bit intimidating! Any advice??

According to my cable box, it will be on TLC again on January 15th at 10pm, so try to find it & watch it or record it.


  1. Thank you for the krazy coupon lady link! You've just saved me $2 on things I rarely see coupons for (ground beef & salad). I love using coupons, but still find the organization process daunting. (this is JulesNC from the bump)

  2. So glad you posted that - I hadn't checked in today, but I did after I saw your comment...printed the salad coupon & 40% off Gap coupon - wahoo!!

  3. I've done CVS shopping for a few years and have really enjoyed it and got a lot of great items cheep or free. If you would like info on it, my mom has a blog: http://www.simplycvsshopping.com/ that has lots of info both explaining how the "game" as you call it works, and also weekly what deals you can get. You might want to check it out if you have a CVS near you.