30 December 2010

Siesta Scripture Memory - 2011

I love Beth Moore. I feel like God is using her in such an incredible way and she is so REAL, which is what makes her so appealing (at least in my opinion). I have done a couple of her Bible studies and they have been amazing (although extremely time consuming - I'm not going to lie). I desperately want to attend one of her weekend events (it #25 on my 101 Goals in 1001 Days), but they don't come around locally very often. 

I occasionally check in on the Living Proof Ministry blog and have noticed their "Siesta Scripture Memory Team" (SSMT), but I never really understood what they were doing (other than the obvious) or how to get involved. 

Well, it looks like finally I checked in at the right time! Here is a description on the SSMT for 2011. I am going to participate - it's one of my goals for 2011 (the last few years I've decided to make goals rather than resolutions which I always abandon). It seems quite doable - just learn one verse twice a month (1st & 15th) and I get to choose them. Sounds great!

You are suppose to write your verses in a spiral bound index card notebook (which you can buy at the drugstore like I plan to do) or you could have ordered this cute spiral bound notebook below.

I want to invite you to join alongside me (and a TON of other ladies) in learning 24 new verses in 2011. What a blessing it will be to have even more of the Word of God inside me, ready to use, rather than flipping erratically through my Bible saying, "I know it's in here somewhere!"

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