10 December 2010

Recipe Review: Stuffed Pizza Bites

I tried out a new recipe on our menu plan this week, Stuffed Pizza Bites, and they were a HIT! My Little Man can be quite picky if he doesn't like the look of something, especially if it's something he hasn't seen before, so I held little hope for him to actually eat one when I put it on his dinner plate. Much to my surprise and delight, he took a bite and said, "Yummy!". He then proceeded to eat SIX more. This will definitely be on our menu again.

I filled my version with mozzarella and mini-turkey pepperonis. However, since these were such a hit I'm planning to make several more versions in hopes to get my Little Man to eat a few foods he wouldn't normally eat. I'm thinking chicken, cheese, & broccoli or maybe ham & swiss. There's another version here that looks great too!

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