22 December 2010

Recipe Review: PW's Cinnamon Rolls & Cinnamon Bread

I spent today pretending I was the Pioneer Woman by trying my hand at her Cinnamon Rolls and her Cinnamon Bread. I love her blog and have her cookbook. When her novel comes out in a few months, it will be on my "To Read" list. Just love her!

First off I must confess that I was SCARED of both of these recipes because they use yeast. Yeast & I are usually not friends unless I can dump it in my bread machine. However, I have officially conquered my fear because both turned out marvelously!

I did learn a bit as I went along with the Cinnamon Rolls, which are delicious, but have unholy amounts of butter.  Here is some of the mess from my first round of dough with insane amounts of butter, sugar, and cinnamon. She warns that some of the filling may spill out...little did I know how much!


Excess Filling

Dripping down the cabinets...

all the way to the floor!

The taste and quantity more than makes up for the mess. I made 7 pans of Cinnamon Rolls (2 large rectangular, 1 medium square, 4 rounds), sent some to the neighbors for Christmas, some are going with my hubby to the office tomorrow, some are staying here for us to eat on, the rest are in the freezer.

Only one of my pans actually looked "pretty" and nicely rolled, but I think taste of appearance wins out here (not to mention the maple glaze sort of covers any imperfections).

I don't have any pictures of the finished rolls or bread, but just know they are wonderful!! They are not overly sweet, just pure deliciousness! 

Update: Here's a picture of the cinnamon rolls...yummy!
PW Cinnamon Rolls

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