30 December 2010

A little about me...

The Idea Room (a daily read for me) is doing a "Fun Facts about You" round-up. I thought it would be fun to join along since I usually don't share too much about myself personally here.


I am allergic to CORN (and all corn products...corn starch, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, etc). Yes, it is in everything, but I manage just fine (according to some extra fat cells, maybe a little too well!).

I'm from a "blended family". That term makes me want to laugh because our "blended" family is closer and more functional than many regular families. We don't use terms like "step-father/brother/mother/sister" because in our opinion steps are something you walk on to get somewhere, they do not describe a relationship. Random family note: my non-biological brother looks a lot more like me than my biological brother.
DSC_0333 (1)

My husband and I have been together since we were 17 & 19. I was a Senior in high school and he was a Junior in college when we started dating (met through my cousin who is in the picture above - they were friends from high school and roommates in college). He was a great sport and went with me to my winter formal and prom that year. 

I was a summer camp counselor at a Sailing Camp the summer after my freshman year of college. I love the water, but didn't really enjoy sailing (ironic, huh?). It was a beautiful place to spend a summer, even if I had no air conditioning for an entire NC summer. Thank God for breeze from the sound. Camp is a funny place...you can do weird things that seem normal at the time, like wearing thrifted "formal wear" into the pool on the first night of camp each week for "Formal Swim". Completely normal to me then, bizarre to me now.

I LOVE to swim. I'm not particularly athletic, pretty sure my brothers got all that talent but I am a bit of a fish.  I swam competitively growing up and taught swimming lessons part-time this year at the YMCA. Loved it! If I believed in re-incarnation, I'd be sure I was a fish in another life.

I'm a Christmas Baby and I love it! I think I've mentioned that before, but it's always a fun fact to share. Everyone always expects December birthdays to not like it, but that's not the case for me. My family (especially my mom) has always made sure to have a special birthday time just for me. My presents are never shared Christmas presents and are always wrapped in birthday paper. I always get a birthday present from Santa & Rudolph (even this year and I just turned 28!). 

I was a Middle School Math teacher before I had Little Man. I loved teaching - especially 7th grade. Most people cringe when they hear that age and subject, but it was made for me. These silly seventh graders are from my first year teaching. They are seniors this year...yikes!

I'm a math nerd.  I love to solve equations. There's just something fun & thrilling for me to work out all those methodical steps and come to a specific answer. I'm weird and nerdy...I know :)

I had little interest in being "domestic" until after I was married (and mostly until after I had a baby). My husband even told me recently that one of the biggest surprises/changes to him since we've been married is my cooking. Before we got married I didn't do much cooking at all (unless it came from a box), didn't know how to sew, and had no interest in gardening/canning. We're both glad I've changed.
Please ignore the shiny face/no make up look. Picking, snapping, and canning string beans is not a glamorous affair.


  1. What a fun list! :) Happy Belated Birthday! Stopping by from The Idea Room link up!

  2. Lol, I am allergic to corn too! Your post is interesting :-)

  3. Thanks for linking up! I love what you said about your blended family. I feel the same way! We have some of that in our family too!