16 April 2010

Update on "The Project"

We're coming along on our "project". Every last spec of shrubbery around the front of our house/retaining wall is gone and a few new things have been planted. My hopes for Hydrangeas in front of my house are dashed. They look so promising in the morning, but buy the afternoon when the sun starts to shade them, they look like death. I'm glad Lowes has a 1-year gurantee!

Last weekend was exciting because we took off all 18 shutters for me to paint BLACK! That's been quite a project this week. Trying to find time and space to paint with a very active little boy has not been easy. I think the last 12 shutters will get their final coat tomorrow in between my front door drying. The door meets its destiny and will finally become RED! I've been wanting to do this for 3.5 years!!

While our shutters were off, we decided it would be a great opportunity to power wash the house. It was in desperate need. The front of the house went fairly well with my hubby up on a ladder power washing my my FIL made sure he didn't fall off and kill himself supervised. The garage side of our house was a bit tricky. You see, it is 4 stories high on that side (basement/garage, first floor, second floor, full-story walk-up attic). That is a bit too high for my hubby (or anyone else for that matter) to be up on a ladder. Luckily, my FIL came to our rescue by bringing over his bucket truck!

This was the scene in my nice, suburban neighborhood Saturday. We had an awful lot of people walk slowly by!
What a sight! (Do you notice how EMPTY it is along the retaining wall?!?!)

Look at all that grime going down our house!!

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