18 April 2010

Our newest additions...

My in-laws picked up four new additions last week. 

Meet Leeroy, the donkey. He's pretty cute (for a donkey) and is getting fairly spoiled. He loves to come to the fence and be petted. He'll even bow his head down low for Little Man to be able to give him a little love. He has a job - keep the coyotes away. From what, you ask?

These three  ladies gentlemen (my MIL originally told me they were heifers and I had no desire to confirm that reality for myself, so I trusted). Coyotes (and any other predator) better stay away because these will become lots of good beef for us to eat in a few months. Local (extremely), grass-fed beef for our family and a few friends. Delightful!
These ladies don't really have names. You really shouldn't name an animal that you're raising to slaughter. Just not good form to be thinking about "Bessie" as you are enjoying a cheeseburger.

They'll be keeping us company in the pasture as we start our gardening adventures this week!

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