15 April 2010

How I salvaged Taco Night

My Meal Plan called for Tacos on Monday night. Well that didn't actually happen until Tuesday night (we're flexible with our meal plans). I decided to get creative and make a burrito bake - just a twist of boring tacos. After browning/draining my hamburger, I put about half a pound in with black beans and taco seasoning (that I scored for FREE at Harris Teeter on a coupon deal). After I stirred that all up and got it going, I glanced at the ingredient list on the seasoning. To my dismay, the first ingredient was YELLOW CORN FLOUR. 

Ugh! I'm pretty sure flour is NOT a seasoning (in my opinion) and was really frustrated considering my corn allergy. I went ahead and filled the burritos with the meat/bean mixture and some shredded cheese, but now I had seven burritos and my hubby was the only one who was going to eat them. I knew he would get sick of them this week before all seven were eaten, so I cooked three that night and rolled up the other four individually in foil to freeze. Now my sweet hubs can take out one or two for lunch (on days that we have no leftovers to take) or a quick meal if he's on his own for supper. 

YAY! No wasted food and future meals ready to go!

Please ignore the random painting supplies drying behind the pan of burritos...this is Real Life.

By the way, hubby really enjoyed this variation on our Taco Night - he thought it was delicious! He is typically not a fan of black beans. It was also pretty frugal since I used half the amount of ground beef I usually do and pulled the black beans from my freezer (made them from dried beans in lieu of canned). A win-win despite the fact I couldn't eat any of it.

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