11 March 2010

Real Life...

Blogs often showcase the "best" of your life...a delicious meal, a pretty craft, a cute kid. Sometimes I think that can give readers the impression that your life is perfect. I think it's important to be REAL among all the pretties. As I looked around my house at the end of the day, I decided this is a perfect opportunity to show you our REAL LIFE. Our frequently messy life. So, here's a "tour" of my home if you had stopped by tonight. 

Family Room: Notice the pillows and blanket the Little Man insists on throwing in the floor every time he goes near the couch. That lovely blue piece of plastic is part of a Little Tykes T-ball set. Not exactly sure where the bat & balls are. Or why we have it inside...

A bouncy seat I pulled out of the attic for a visiting friend and her cute, chubby-cheeked baby. 3 weeks ago!

Yes, there are 4! snack cups on the floor. I cleaned several out of the floor board of the car, then Little Man picked them up off the table and brought them to me. Good thing the old ones were empty or that would have been one gross snack time.

Sam's Club pack of paper towels still sitting in our family room after 6 days.

Kitchen: As always, dishes to wash, clean dishes to put away, and just general mayhem.

Our kitchen table is the bane of my existence. No matter how hard I try, it is our landing zone. When we eat at the table (which isn't all that often), we just push the junk to one end.

Front Door/Hallway: Look! There's the t-ball bat. And part of a dump truck. And a lot of tools with a dancing moo-cow hanging out at the tool bench.

Upstairs: Sweaters hanging to finish drying on the rail...it's been in the 60s for 5 days now. I wonder how long they've been there. Hmm...

Guest Room: I don't even want to speak of this!

Little Man's Room: Toys - fine. Laundry basket full of clothes that needs to be put away - been sitting there for 2 weeks (I've washed, folded, and put away 2 other loads since then, so why didn't I put those away too?!?!). This picture was not kind to the paint color. And I promise the glider cushion is khaki, not peach.

Guest Bath: Bleach left from cleaning up a poop-in-the-tub incident, Tide box to be trashed, cloth diaper that needs to make it to the pail, and other assorted mess.

Master Bedroom: The Queen of make-your-bed-daily club has been caught! No making up the bed today. I think you actually need to like your bedding to want to make it up.

Items to make it in the attic (the attic door is in my closet, so this is the "waiting zone"). That box has a few random Christmas items in it - oops!

Master Bath: Cleaning supplies left from a dog-crate clean-up project last night. And I haven't dried my hair since yesterday morning. Ugh!

Dog crate drying in our (dirty) shower...at least the crate is clean now!

So, there's my real, messy life. A life (& house) that I love. And one that is a bit cleaner now thanks to waiting for all these pictures to upload. :)


  1. Becky, I like you even more after this post!!!

  2. Your house is beautiful!

  3. I so appreciate this post -- it's "real life"! :-)

  4. What a refreshing post! It's nice to see that other people's houses look like mine! :)

  5. Thank you for this post! :) I can totally relate. What is it with lingering laundry and the kitchen table? They are the bane of my existence also. (Jules_NC)