06 March 2010

Fresh Pork!

I'm making an effort to have our family eat more local foods. We've made progress eating veggies from our garden and getting fruit from local farmers, along with quite a bit of preserving so we can eat that way year round. (We don't eat exclusively local - I bought grapes today that I'm sure are from somewhere in South America, but Little Man LOVES grapes!)

One area I haven't done any local eating is in the meat department. I generally just buy the loss leaders and stock up. However, I started to have a change of heart when we watched Food, Inc. So today I made the first step in our local meat eating endeavor! I ordered pork from a local hog farmer (like 10 minutes from my house kind of local!). Next Saturday I'll be picking up 10lbs of Pork Chops and 10lbs of Sausage (5lbs Hot/5lbs Regular). I thought the prices were very reasonable. The Sausage was $3/lb and the Pork Chops were $4/lb. He also has Pork Tenderloin and Ribs. Maybe next time I'll be brave and order some of those, too.

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