03 March 2010

Longing for Spring

I'm longing for spring and I know I'm not the only one. This has been one ROUGH winter in NC. It's been cold. REALLY cold. We've never had this much snow as long as anyone can remember. I'm looking forward to those 60-degree spring days where we can get out, dig in the dirt, and start planting our garden.

First tomato from our 2009 Garden

I'm a relative gardening newbie...last year was my first garden experience thanks to my in-laws, but boy am I hooked. I canned an insane amount last year (especially for my first time ever doing that), but I'm dying to have all those fresh fruits and veggies rolling in. I'm ready to get out the Water Bath & Pressure Canners. I'm ready to hear the "pop" that comes with a sealed jar.

Freshly canned Green Beans

It's been WONDERFUL pulling out homemade salsa, pasta sauce, chili base, pizza sauce, pickles, and homegrown green beans throughout the year. I love knowing every ingredient that is in our food and knowing that I put it there myself. I've already started a list of what I'd like to can and freeze this year. It looks lengthy and is probably a bit ambitious, but a girl can dream (and then can until she gets ill thinking about sterilizing one more jar!).

I've been reading through this book and this blog while I long for warmer temperatures and delicious food. I'm ready...bring on SPRING!

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