12 March 2010

Jewelry Organization

I got started with my Spring Cleaning today (I definitely needed it!) since I had a few free hours that Little Man was spending at my in-laws. I started with my closet, mostly because I'm so excited to pack up the winter clothes and pull out my spring clothes! When I say I started with my "closet" what I really mean is I cleaned out my personal closet, my stuff that takes up about half of my hubby's closet, and my stuff that takes up the majority of the closet in the Guest Room. Yeah...I need to clean out & PURGE! I probably wear only 1/3 of what I actually own. I'm proud to say I only have one little shoe rack (with out of season shoes) left in my hub's closet and it will take up it's new residence in the guest room closet along with a few out of season clothes once I take the all the "purged" clothes to our local consignment shop & the rest to Goodwill. 

As part of this process, I had to remove this big plastic container with a bunch drawers out of my closet. I had lots of random stuff in it (panty hose, old make-up bags, etc), but I was mainly using it to store my jewelry. Um, I have quite a bit of jewelry...I came by it honestly. Very few items that are actually worth anything, mostly just fun costume jewelry. My motto is a chunky necklace can make the plainest shirt look great!  Anyway, my jewelry really needed to be cleaned up, organized, and put in a dresser drawer. 

As I watched my team play (and WIN!) the late game tonight in the ACC tourney, I had a mission!

I laid out all my jewelry (after detangling about a million necklaces!) and matched up any sets. I also had a big pile of junk to get rid of. I wasn't exactly sure how to get these organized so I could get to my jewelry easily without having to search for the missing matching earrings or navigating a mixed up necklace mess. And then it hit me!

Necklace/earring set + snack baggies = SUCCESS!

So, here's the finished product! I can easily see what I have to match what I'm wearing and nothing gets lost or tangled.

Here's my newly organized jewelry drawer! All those baggies look a little messy, but it's really easy to navigate through them.

As my Mama always says, "All lined up like little toy soldiers!"

Oh how I love a good organization project!

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