14 April 2011

Toy Storage Labels

When I was in college getting my degree to become a teacher, we were taught to "Beg, Borrow, & Steal" any good ideas we came across and use them in our classrooms. Well, I'm constantly using that same principal as I run across great ideas on other blogs.

Last year I fell in love with Make It & Love It's toy storage labeling. It was adorable and so practical. I knew we needed that in this house! Fast forward to present day, we have the Ikea storage units loaded up with Little Man's toys and a Silhouette to make the vinyl labels. Employing on the "Beg, Borrow, & Steal" principal I learned in college, I pretty much copied her project exactly. No need to reinvent the wheel!



After - LOVE IT!

Close-up of the labels
3 Square Photo - Page 002
Little Man can easily identify which toys go in each bin by the picture, so clean-up is easy-peasy!

Aside from the cuteness, this is such a perfectly practical set-up for us! The unit is in our basement, so any mess can be contained down there out of sight. However, if we're on the main level we can easily choose one set of toys to bring upstairs. The bin slides right out and we can dump & play in the family room.  Then pick it up and return it downstairs, which helps maintain a bit more order in our main living spaces.

I love when function & form can work together!


  1. I saw this in your project 365 pics and thought it was so cute!! love how it came out.

  2. Love love these labels. Do you have a link for an attachment of these so I don't have to come up with my own. Font and images are just perfect!