29 April 2011

Recipe Review: Taco Salad

In this weeks MPM post, I mentioned a couple of salads were gracing our table since we are currently overrun with lettuce from the garden. Much to my surprise, I received a few inquiries about these salads, so I figured I'd post the recipes (well, they're more like non-recipes, but whatever). Here's the first...

Note 1: I like to serve buffet style because it puts up easier this way if there are any leftovers. Eating cold taco meat on leftover salad is just gross, so this way you can easily reheat the meat.

Note 2: I'm allergic to corn & corn products, so this is a completely corn-free taco salad (I thought you may find that odd if you didn't know the back story).

Diced Veggies: Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Red Bell Peppers, (any additional veggies you want)
Taco Meat - We love McCormick's Cheesy Taco Seasoning. (We usually only eat about half, so I freeze the other half for another taco night.)
Shredded Cheese - I used Monterey Jack & Sharp Cheddar (for the love of all delicious queso, please shred your own!)
Ranch Dressing (we make our own from the dry ranch seasoning - it's so yummy!)

1. Put lettuce in bottom of your bowl/plate.
2. Add taco meat & veggies.
3. Top with shredded cheese.
4. Put a smidge of ranch dressing on top - really brightens up the flavor!
5. Mix up & enjoy!

I think the Texas Toast Tortilla Strips or a few tortilla chips would add a yummy, salty crunch to this salad (although I'm just guessing since I can't eat those products).

This also serves up great on wraps if you're looking for a leftovers use for lunch the next day.

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