27 April 2011

Spring Cleaning: Under the Kitchen Sink

Have you taken a peak under your kitchen sink lately? If you're like me, it could be a bit scary! I decided it was time to clean out & organize underneath there. I started by taking everything out and what was left was pretty gross.


I vacuumed all the dust & debris (leftover from our kitchen renovation), wiped it down with a bucket of Lysol solution, and used the handy magic eraser on the tough spots.

Next, I needed to tackle all the junk I pulled out of there. I threw away some things (old sponges, cleaners we don't use anymore, etc) and lined up everything else that needed to be sorted. Here's what didn't get thrown out...


There was obviously WAY too much stuff underneath the sink! I sorted these into two groups: items to stay under the sink and items to go somewhere else.

After the cleaning and organizing, here's what's left. I just love the sparseness!

Our hand & dish soaps are by the sink, I only need easy access under the sink to the dishwasher detergent and the cleaner for our appliances. 

I did keep a few other things underneath, but they are tucked away in a corner because they aren't needed very often.

Of course, I still had all these products to deal with...
they scattered about the house into my canning box (a bottled brush helps clean a yucky canning jar so easily!), paint supplies, and the big cleaning product basket on the top shelf of the laundry room.

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