12 February 2011

Our Valentine Celebrations

I'm not really one to go over the top with Valentine's Day celebrations. My hubby and I rarely celebrate the day with gifts, just not our style. Actually, one of my favorite V-day presents he ever gave me was a brand new pair of red Williams-Sonoma oven mitts, something I desperately needed at the time and have used almost everyday since then. Not very romantic, but something I loved! This year we're celebrating with our new appliances (whenever they are delivered).

Anyway, we are celebrating a bit more than usual this year since Little Man is in preschool. His class is having a little party and he is bringing Valentines based on an idea I found (& copied). It's just perfect consider Little Man's love of cars!

We also made hot pink Rice Krispie treats this past week for our Friday playgroup (affectionately called "Brunch Bunch" since the mommies sit around gabbing and eating brunch while the kids play). We had so much fun making them, but he's not the least bit interested in eating them. Oh well!

Just added some red food coloring to the marshmallows and voila! That hot pink melted marshmallow was a sight! 

Finally, I am making Oreo Truffles after falling in love with them this week. My best friend & her daughter included them in a goody bag for Little Man. It was almost a race to see who could eat them faster - he's definitely inherited my love for chocolate! I'm planning to make two batches - one traditional and one made with Mint Oreos. 

They are supposed to be for J's preschool teacher and I'm hoping to have enough left over (after we devour them) to share with our family and hubby's coworkers. We'll see....


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