03 November 2010

Car Play Mat

My Little Man came into a zillion Hot Wheels cars recently when his generous uncle passed on his entire collection. Honestly it's too many cars for one little boy, but he does love them so I've been trying to come up with fun things for to play with aside from the real track that he can pull apart but not put back together yet (which means I'm stuck doing it!). 

I've seen several tutorials for take-along car mats, which are cute, but wasn't quite what I was thinking. Then, I ran across this tutorial for a car play mat and instantly knew this was the one! I already had plenty of felt (remember?), so I got started tonight. 

So far, so good. I think he's really going to enjoy it when it's all finished. I'm going to include special places to him like our house, a barn with some animals, preschool, church, the park, etc. 

The tutorial said everything was hot-glued. I hot glued the binding which was enough to make me decide to sew everything else. The gray road & garage pieces are just laid out, not permanently attached yet.

I'm thinking this could be one (of hopefully 5ish) handmade Christmas presents this year. It's one of the goals!

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