04 September 2010

House Arrest

I feel like we've been under house arrest this week. My little man had a contagious virus, but felt just fine (which I was SO thankful for...nothing worst than being stuck at home all week with a cranky kid!). To avoid infecting others, we stuck close to home this week with just an occasional trip to visit my in-laws and the donkey.

So, what did I do at home all week?

Caught up & kept up with the laundry

Organized like a crazy woman

My two "junk" drawers aren't so junky anymore!

Threw away a TON of stuff and made Goodwill my new BFF

Hung up fall & winter clothes to sell at upcoming consignment sales

Emailed with lots of ladies about our upcoming MOPS Consignment Sale.

Hung a few frames to make a new collage wall
Weird angle because that's a pretty narrow hallway. That big EMPTY frame in the middle won't be like that for long. 

Cleaned the house (but somehow managed to skip the bathrooms...oops!)

Cleaned my silver 
Most of which I inherited from my paternal grandmother...while I cleaned I remembered about our times together and thought about all the meals she ate using that silver over her lifetime. Good memories make cleaning silver much more enjoyable.

Received a bag of Damson Plums from a friend. Looks like I have some jam or preserves to make :)

Made a fall version of the Dollar Store Hurricane Vases that have popped up all over the blogosphere

Decorated inside for fall

I'm LOVING the smells in my house provided by the Mulled Cider and Pumpkin Spice candles

Spent too much time blog-hopping and getting inspired with thrifty decorating ideas. My poor hubby is not real thrilled my new "project" list.

And since I didn't win a Silhouette AGAIN, I took advantage of the promotion they were running through September 1st. Happy (early) Birthday & Merry (early) Christmas to me! I see MANY personalized gifts this year...I'll be a vinyl queen & glass etching pro soon.

Thankfully we were able to get out on Thursday when we had a delicious meal with my husband's parents, brother, and his girlfriend. Friday I even managed an afternoon alone while Little Man napped at his Nana's and I got my hair cut. Ahhh...a little pampering! :)

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