05 June 2010

Friday Night Lights

Have you watched this show? I love it! High school football, a little bit of love & drama, likeable characters...what's not to enjoy!?!?! I actually watched some of the first season when it started coming on a few years ago, but stopped. I can't remember why but it probably had something to do with my husband ridiculing me for my TV choices...he always thinks I choose lame shows to watch (Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood is definitely not lame - ha!).

I caught a few of the new episodes and decided to ignore my husbands ridiculing. I had to catch up to see what had happened since I tuned in several seasons ago, so I'm doing a 1-month free trial on Netflix. I had intended to go longer than a month, but at the (shameful) rate I'm watching these shows, I may not need to.

1 comment:

  1. Look it up on tv.blinkx.com. Then make sure to choose to watch it on mega video. That way its free.

    I watched almost 10yrs of 90210 on that website! I may have this one in my back pocket for the future!